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E-commerce – 7 Steps to getting VAT right (presented by Accordance VAT) Share with Friends

This webinar is not provided by Amazon, but was held by VAT experts from the tax consultant company "Accordance VAT" who give an introduction to matters of VAT in international e-commerce. The webinar covers the following topics: • Basics of EU VAT regulations for distance selling • Thresholds for VAT registration and different rates in EU countries • Communicating with tax authorities and reporting compliance This is a session for sellers that ship products across borders and want to get basic information about potential VAT related matters and how to handle them. All content in the webinar and the presentation is prepared by Accordance VAT. Amazon EU Sarl and Amazon Services Europe Sarl are not certified tax advisors, hence Amazon does not and cannot give any recommendations on tax-related matters to sellers using the Amazon Marketplace.

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